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Dirty Dogs

With the leaves quickly changing colours and the summer weather coming to an abrupt halt, I am excited about the upcoming season.

The beautiful and vibrant leaves that are quickly appearing. It makes me appreciate the beauty that surrounds us. The beauty that we take for granted during the upcoming white months of winter. I love the crisp nights that accompany the fall season. There is nothing better then the crisp wind that comes through the bedroom window and the smell of fresh linen while you lay under a comfortable duvet. It sure does make getting up in the morning that much harder.

Thanksgiving and Halloween is fast approaching. Both of these holidays are filled with family, friends and giggles.

At our house, fall also means DIRTY dogs. Very dirty dogs.

Like all dogs, there are many things that make them happy. On the top of both of thier lists is running, swimming and rolling around in the muddiest places possible. Of course, the rolling around in the dirt or mud is always followed by the swim. This is to ensure that mud and dirt is adhered to their coat as good as possible.

We hike through the forest and enjoy the views and smells of a fresh fall day. Our dogs play and run and roll in the mud and roll in the mud some more. Heck, they will just take a break and lay in the mud for awhile. The look of joy on their faces is evident.

As we head home, I convince myself that the dogs will easily be washed off BEFORE going into the house. We are usually succesful at the part of rinsing them off. Either with a hose or into the pool if it hasn't been closed for the season.

What we are not succesful at, is getting ALL of the mud off. If you own a golden you will understand that although they appear to be all washed off, they are not. This can be confirmed by the mounds of sand, loose branches and leaves that is left behind from wherever they have been. In our house, this will include the floor, the bathroom, the couch, the chairs, and sometimes the bed. Funny if its in one of the girls beds, not so funny when it's my bed.

I vow never to take the dogs to their favourite hiking spot again. They get to dirty. The mess in the house afterwards requires me to sweep and vacuum multiple times a day. Not only the sand needs to be dealt with but the loose fur that is floating around the house also needs to be taken care of. It is as if, the mud has exfoliated all of the fur on thier bodies and it must all fall out. 200 pounds of dog equals just as much fur on the floor after a mud bath. It's a wonder that the dogs are not bald by winter.

Both dogs sleep as I frantically vacuum and sweep. Brady will be snoring and Bella will be snuggled up against the wall with her back legs twitching as she remembers her hike. Sometimes they are kind enough to get out my way, but mostly they give me the look of annoyance that I have bothered them and their glorious dreams of when we will go back to swimming and mud. They obviously did not get the memo that they will not be returning to the forest that they love. I can not keep up with the never ending hours of housework it causes me.

Then they look at me!!!! They race to the door in hyped up anticipation of where I could possibly be going. I am a sucker. They know it. A little tail wag and an eyebrow raise and I will cave.

I love a clean and orderly house but it turns out, I love my dogs more.

The vacuum will still be there when we get back.

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