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Pay it Forward Fridays!!

Recently, I decided to do something nice and random for a friend/client. I knew that she was previously on holidays and back to work.

I remember that dreaded feeling of going back to work after a week away. On top of that, the weather is clearly telling us that summer is over and we will have to start putting away the sandals.

Before going to do my regular Thursday job, I had to stop at the store. I saw the flowers there and thought of how great they would look on their table. I didn't really think of it, just bought them because I knew that they would make her smile.

I am assuming that they did make her smile, as the message I got later that evening was great. I was glad to be able to put a smile on someones face by such a simple gesture.

We have all heard or seen Pay it Forward. It's one of my favourite movies actually. It got me thinking that although we know of people who do it, do any of us actually make a consious effort to do something nice and unexpected for someone? Either someone that we know or a complete stranger? I know that I talk about it to my kids and encourage it, but do I set the example on a consistent basis?

So here is my public commitment that Friday's will now become "Pay it Forward Friday's" I will practice what I preach.

My hope is that my kids and my grand daughter will all follow my lead and make Friday's a little happier for someone.

I have a friend that does this regularily and will be so excited to see this post and happy to participate. That in itself makes me glad to know that by this simple post, someone I know will smile.

I am off to the city for some shopping, I still have time to do something nice for someone today. I'm not looking to change the world, but putting a smile on someone's face will be good enough for me.

What will you do this Friday and the ones that follow?

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