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60 Seconds

Today marks Remembrance Day. I trust that we all wore our poppies to remember our veterans.

After this mornings moment of silence, I reflected on how short that minute truly is. Yet, to watch the people around me, it would appear that the minute was a very long time for so many people. What could one get done in a minute, that wasn’t getting done during a moment of silence, for the people that fought for our freedom?

Last weekend marked the time change for the fall season, adding the perceived additional hour to our day. I know in our house the kids were happy to get the extra hour of sleep. The dogs, wanted their dinner an hour earlier than usual. The routine of things was a little skewed for the day. Of course, it now gets darker an hour earlier. This is my least favourite part of the time change. I am sure most would agree with me on this point.

I have blogged about how our society is “time poor”. Todays’ moment of silence, made me realize that I was correct in my thought on that statement. There is so much to do every day or every week. The chores and the responsibilities do not go away. If we are lucky, we can prioritize correctly and get most done but, there is always something else left to do at that end of the day. Even as I write about it, I get sucked in the vortex of the never ending list of things to complete by the end of today.

What if, we took a minute for ourselves every day? No cell phone, no TV, just silence. 60 seconds out of our day to just take a deep breath. 60 seconds to just breathe.

Don’t’ we all owe ourselves a quick moment to catch our breath from the pressures that we put on ourselves? We all won’t make it the gym or to yoga or even to a movie or date night, but we can all take 60 seconds from our day to stop, close our eyes and exhale.

Don’t we all deserve to take back some of the time that we have to sacrifice wherever and whenever we can?

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